What a great life I have! It’s all because of what God has given to me. He gives me the great gifts: great moments and those are happened with the other great gifts: the great students! Both of junior and senior high school of BPK PENABUR Sukabumi (National Plus Program), first academic year.

Guys, as you know, you’re not just a student for me. Every single of you is my friend and my co-adventurers to face my life (and to shaped my heart and soul). And that makes my life very colourful. All of you is a part of my life. You taught me about modesty, togetherness, giving, nice conversations, and friendships. Hope I taught you too, guys! 😀

We learned together: when I taught you in the class; how you try to catched my explanation; how you saw me while I’m explained; and how you ask when you did not understand are taught me about something that I have never imagine! I’m so thankful for that. I feel blessed through you! We played together in the class and in the court and even in the street, laughed and cried together (I do really love to see and hear your laughter. Your face is shined and your laughter is sweet), we go to some nice places together, captured sweet moments with our big smiles and shared each moments with wholeheartedness (keep it in our mind). And of course, we do so many activities in and out of school-time with a fun things that anyone can’t take it away from our mind. Just you and me. Just us. And no replay!

You all are the best students. And I am really sure that each of you can be better and better and better than before, because you all have the best gift that God had puted it in you. All you have to do is find it out and developed it! When you find it, you will be surprised! But do not forget to gives thanks to God 😀

But now, I have to go. To get close to my dream. Remember, it doesn’t mean that I can stand on you. “Are you kidding me?!” Hihihiiii…. It’s just the other step before a sweet jump, not a step to run away or to do some stuff like “suicide” thing hahahaa… There’s no any reason to leave you behind and to kill myself so I can hide myself from you. You’re kind and lovely. There’s no hated part! I meant it.

Do not be sad (grieved). Do not let your tears fall down. We can do some great things together again, someday somewhere at a best moments that God had planned.

Well…, keep studying, keep praying, keep trying, keep winning, keep learning from your failures, and keep dreaming. You have the privileges to dream. And then make your dreams come true! There would be a valley that you have to face of. You will never know where and when to do it. So prepare yourself from now on, and then give a high jump beyond the valley and then give a nice touch down, then… ruuuuunnn!!! Make your dreams come true with a yippee yelling!! Hahahahaaaaa!!!

Do not forget to SMS or shared me your story via email, facebook, or phone call. I would be glad to accept that! And do not forget to reply my SMS, hear/read my story, and my blog. I will miss you, guys. I’d pray for you. And of course, I’d pray for the new teacher of Bahasa Indonesia and for theater extracuricular’s instructor.

I love you all, guys…. As long as I can remember, I will remember it all and hope I can make it concrete on my first book heheheheeee… . You are the best gift from God to me, that’s I’m sure. Take care. And see you soon…. [24/06/2010]


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